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Products » Piezoelectric Ceramic » Ultrasonic elements and transducer

Ultrasonic elements and Transducer

Application Theory: A piezoelectric elements is placed by the metal, screws in, is put up to one in which the ultrasonic wave is used as a high energy source, and the langevin type transducers which improves strength is used. We manufacturer elements which are suitable for the high electric power drive and various .  Then it’s widely used for ultrasonic Cleaning, welding, cutting and polishing machines.
PZT Element Designs Shape:  Ring, Disc, Plate or specially designed as customer transducer need


Transducer Designs Shape:  Stack


  • high efficiency
  • large amplitude
  • low heat
  • stable output unaffected by variations in load

Typical Applications

  • ultrasonic cleaning apparatus
  • Ultrasonic punching
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Ultrasonic smashing

BOCHUANG standard Ultrasonic cleaning/welding transducer

Cutstomer Design
Other type and shapes PZT elements or transducers could be OEMed as customer’s design and application request.

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