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Products » Advanced Technical Ceramic » Electrode Insulator&Spark electrode

Electrode insulator& Spark electrode (OEM)

Bochuang Ceramic, Inc.  95%-AL2O3 as it’s main material, it is made from molding hot pressing at a temperature of 1700Celsius, Finished product is featured by anti heat, stable electrical property, corrosion resistance, less dielectric loss, anti high voltage and high insulation functions. We are ALSO capable of assembling complete-set igniter as customer requests. Photo followed for reference: 


Product Focus: It is widely used in various types of igniter Spark electrode and Flame sensor assemblies, such as igniter in automobiles and gas stove at all.                                           
Electrode and flame sensor assemblies are available in various configurations. They are available with integrated wire or terminals, various rod materials, and 95% Alumina or Steatite ceramic. We have a complete line of standard brackets that will fit most applications and we will fabricate custom brackets on request.

Material For Choice:
        Ceramic Insulator Body:  95% Alumina, Steatite with glazed or no glazed layer
        Electrode Pin/Rod:  OCR25, OCR27, SUS304, Ni80Cr20, Kanthal D, etc.
        Cable:  UL1332, UL1911, UL3573, UL3071, UL3239 etc.
        Bracket:  Steel-Nickel Plated, Steel-ZINC Plated, Steel- Copper Plated etc.
        Terminals:  Various quick connect terminals are available

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