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Piezoelectric Ceramic For Sensor And Buzzers

Sensor Element- PZT Thin film discs/ shear rings & plates

Bochuang Ceramic use Die pressuring and Type casting ceramic producing technology make many small size discs, rings, plates and thin film discs. They are widely used for some sensor applications.




low ageing rates
low temperature dependence
low power consumption
High voltage sensitivity
custom design capability
competitive pricing


Typical Applications

Shear-type accelerometers
Compression mode accelerometers
Single element medical transducers
Flow sensor 
Disc-type hydrophones 

Buzzer And Pressure Sensor Elements

For this large quantity usage application, our type-casting process and manufacturing line could easily make the discs with 300kpcs per day.




clear sound
high sound pressure
low power consumption
small and lightweight
12 mm to 50 mm diameter
single PZT layer or two PZT layers
low cost
custom design capability
competitive pricing
fast delivery



Typical Applications

household appliance alarms and warning signals
watch alarms
smoke detectors
pressure sensors
keyboards / push-button devices
buzzers and speakers
toys / games

Performance Of Standard Sound And Pressure Sensor Element

(named theory)    FT   BD   31    T   1.6    A     1
                              (1)    (2)   (3)   (4)   (5)   (6)    (7)

(1) PZT Sound Element
(2) Ceramic Discs:BD-Single PZT layer  BS- Two PZT layers
(3) Diameter Of Metal:D
(4) Metal Material:T-Brass  G-SUS H-Alloy
(5) Frequency:KHz    (6) Electrode Shape:A-Full electrode  B-Feedback Electrode
(7) Parts structure:1-planar structure  2- Special other structure

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