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Special shape parts for industry application

Many thousands of engineering components have benefited from advanced ceramic solutions for wear, corrosion and thermal resistance, providing considerable lifetime increases over conventional metal components. Although it is not always the optimum design solution, frequently, advanced technical ceramics can be used as direct replacements for existing designs.

Typical components include wear plates and thermal barriers, bearings for high speed and high stiffness spindles, bushes, gears and many others. Bochuang Ceramic,Inc. can now provide hundreds of case histories on the successful and cost effective application of advanced ceramic solutions in mechanical engineering and other industry applications.

Product Focus:      Mechanical engineering,
                    Vehicle air conditioning or ventilation system,
                    Well insulated and wearable spacer rail.

Bochuang Ceramic, Inc. Providing solutions to Wear and Corrosion Problems which your equipments or industry application meet.  And Ceramic with Metal or other material assembly also be accepted by us.

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